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Talent Acquisition

The JKM Group's boutique approach to talent acquisition provides a dedicated and one-on-one, dynamic partnership for those clients  who desire to attract and retain the finest talent for their organizations.

Below is our applied strategy for the successful hire...

Needs Analysis

JKMG will partner with you in to assess the criteria of each position and create a comprehensive and clear sourcing plan for each open position, designed specifically to meet your company objectives.


Client Requirements

Through a comprehensive understanding of your positional requirements, a concise job description can be created - if one does not already exist. Having a clear and precise understanding of the job requirements are crucial to finding the right candidate for the right position.


With our expansive national business network, our experienced understanding of  industry through research and analysis of market competitors, and with our extensive network of established contacts, our team’s discreet and focused search process delivers exceptional candidates.


Based on your needs and our research, JKMG will identify the best targeted candidates by coordinating all source sites, developing web recruiting strategies, and measuring candidates for experience and behavioral qualities designed to exceed client objectives.


Through initial detailed interviewing, behavioral testing, and virtual (or onsite) interviews between candidates and the JKMG talent sourcing professional, our evaluation will successfully match and present only the best possible representatives for each position.          

Our experienced talent sourcers realize full-well that the best candidate "fit" is not  just what is found on a resume, but also how this candidate will connect and  integrate successfully into your culture. Additionally, JKMG works collaboratively  with both your staff and the candidate to ensure there is a smooth and secure “fit” throughout the interviewing and hiring process.

Reference Checks

Our reference procedure is thorough, detailed, and committed to fully vetting each candidate comprehensively. If needed, JKMG can offer you a professional, secure third-party background check component of the reference stage. This step is typically implemented at the offer stage. Each reference check is vigorous and conducted at the highest standard of integrity and privacy.     


By managing expectations and consistently providing clear, open communications between the client and the candidate throughout the interviewing/hiring process, JKMG ensures that all negotiations go smoothly and competently, resulting in the highest possible rate of mutual acceptance and hiring success.


JKMG provides a highly successful after-hire program. Our retention services provide a focused and purposeful follow-up with both client and candidate through the first year of hire. We do this to ensure a continuing open dialogue and smooth transition for both the new-hire, the new manager, and engagement with the new team throughout this most critical time. This strategy has proven to foster deeper relationships between our clients and JKMG and ensure mutually beneficial, productive, and cooperative client associations.

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