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Candidate Coaching

JKMG Candidate Coaching: Your Partner for Professional Success

A unique and valuable focus on each and every professional candidate...

JKMG Candidate Coaching offers career coaching services that can help candidates enhance their career strategies, improve their professional prospects, and excel in their careers.

Our most highly regarded services include:

Job Interview

Resume Writing and Optimization

• Crafting or revising resumes to showcase key skills, achievements, and experiences.
• Tailoring resumes to meet specific job requirements.

Interview Preparation

• Providing feedback on communication skills and responses to common interview questions.
• Offering guidance for managing different types of interviews, such as behavioral and technical interviews.


We believe in providing comprehensive support to our clients so they can confidently achieve their career goals.

Career Counseling

• Assessing an individual's skills, interests, and values to help them identify suitable career choices.
• Guiding career changes, transitions, or advancements.

Linkedln Profile Optimization

• Creating and optimizing LinkedIn profiles to enhance professional visibility.
• Providing fully vetted and successful strategies for networking and building a solid online presence.

Job Search Strategies

• Assist candidates in developing effective job search strategies tailored to their goals.
• Providing insights into the current job market and industry trends.

Skill Development

• Identify and address skill gaps through personalized training and development plans.
• Offering resources for continuous learning and professional growth.

Professional Personal Branding

• Assisting individuals in building a solid personal brand within their industry.
• Coach candidates on how to communicate strengths and expertise effectively.

Negotiation Skills

  • Coaching for salary negotiation strategies

  • Provide insights on negotiating job offers and promotions

Executive Coaching

• Work with senior-level executives on leadership skills, decision-making, and strategic thinking.
• Offer support in managing and leading teams effectively.

Job Placement Assistance

• Connect clients with potential employers through industry contacts.
• Assist with job applications and placement services.

JKMG is ready to help you envision and implement crucial and

empowering strategies for securing your best career position.

When you are ready to move forward or for more information, contact

Donna Miller-Wells, Senior Partner,  JKMG Candidate Coach.

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