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Professional Services

JKMG Talent Acquisition & Coaching services offer you and your teams an unparalleled approach to effective talent selection, customized talent hiring strategies, key personnel retention initiatives, and optimal team building/development solutions.


​With extensive industry related experience, we successfully partner with our clients to provide an exceptional array of talent acquisition and consulting services.

Work Desk

Solutions Integration

Assessing your needs is paramount. We conduct a comprehensive workflow and needs analysis to design the solution that optimizes your current and future ROI on all hiring activities.


By designing the best recruiting strategies to source and select the right candidates for the right roles, The JKM Group process allows you to identify and effectively drive the search with a customized platform based upon a  powerful, single-source, and centralized approach, featuring...

  • Assisting your team with understanding the different methodologies in sourcing both ‘active’ and ‘passive’  job seekers while simultaneously shrinking time-to-hire ratios.

  • Guidance through the process of creating effective and skill-based job descriptions streamlining and enhancing the identification and delivery of candidate information to the proper hiring authority.

  • ​Remote or in-house capabilities allowing timely email notification of the most suitable candidates.

The Total Solution

Our experienced consulting professionals deliver focused, comprehensive systems analysis, design, and comprehensive process management with guaranteed results. All delivered services employ well-designed, customized solutions that ensure optimum customer benefit and satisfaction.

Additional benefits include leveraged expertise for well-managed program implementation and professional training to maximize the results of your recruitment process and establish solid retention policies for the personnel worth keeping.

Managed Implementation

Working closely with your staff throughout the project lifecycle, we focus on ensuring your continued success.

​Finding the right talent for your organization begins with JKMG Talent Acquisition Strategies.

Our consultants are dedicated to providing a single source answer for streamlining, centralizing, and shortening the hiring process with the right candidate and building the framework for long term retention.


When you are ready, contact JKMG to begin maximizing the return on your interviewing, hiring, and retention investment.

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44 Milton Avenue,

Alpharetta, Georgia 3009

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